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portable construction waste crusher plant

The distribution of construction waste is uneven. The traditional crushing equipment can only work within a fixed range. It is obviously unable to meet the requirements of construction waste crushing. Based on the work of traditional crushing equipment, the upgraded Portable Crusher Plant is the production line best choice. The combination of excellent maneuverability and crushing process, according to the changes in the production site, the instant transfer of the crushing production line, with the use, the work is more efficient, simple and energy-saving. Construction waste is a derivative product of the development of modern civilization. During the process of upgrading construction and infrastructure, a large amount of construction waste is left behind, which is mixed with resources such as steel and concrete. It does not need to pollute the environment and affect the city. Waste of resources, previously using the in-situ burial treatment plan, under the influence of the environmental protection concept, the current construction waste treatment method is more diversified, after processing and reprocessing can produce recycled bricks, etc. After the treatment plan, the next step is the equipment. The portable construction waste crusher is a very suitable working configuration. The portable construction waste crusher can be used at any time. In both the structure and the working mode, we have upgraded and improved the production line on one piece of equipment, and it also has strong maneuverability. Great test of the production technology of the manufacturer, how to achieve the ability of both strong mobility and stable production, we explain how the portable construction waste crusher can be used as it is, and work efficiently.


Solving method of severe vibration of sand making machine

Sand making machine is an important mechanical sand making equipment. The sand making machine is suitable for the crushing and shaping of soft or hard and hard materials, and is widely used in all kinds of ore, cement, refractory material, aluminum ground clinker, emery sand, glass material, mechanism sand, stone and various metallurgical slag, especially hard, hard and abrasion resistant materials such as emery, sintered bauxite and sand. It is more efficient than other types of crusher. In the process of production, the sand making machine has a certain body swing, but the amplitude is small, if the body swings are particularly violent, then there may be three reasons. (1) it may be that the worn parts on the impeller of the sand making machine are seriously worn out. If the abrasion of the impeller on the impeller is badly worn, the internal running of the machine will be unstable and the swinging is too large, so only the changing parts can be replaced at this time, so that the inner impeller of the sand machine can reach the balance state. (2) it may be that the equipment wobble over a large amount of material. When the machine is designed, the feed size of the equipment is generally 4 to 5 centimeters. Generally, the amount of finished sand can be reached when the grain size of the equipment is 3 to 4 centimeters. If the feed is over the assembly, the equipment wobble too much, and if the feed is too small, the collision is broken. It is not enough to reach the finished sand volume. (3) the sand machine is also likely to be a blockage in the impeller flow channel. If the impellers have obstructions, it will cause inhomogeneous feed, and the body swings too much. As long as the blocking objects on the impeller flow passage are removed, the problem of the body's swinging can be solved.


Sand Making Machine Performance Advantage

The new VSI6X sand making machine is based on the original high performance VSI series, combined with the actual operating conditions of the equipment under different working conditions and the feedback suggestion of the operator, the advanced crushing equipment with higher crushing efficiency and intelligent control of operation is developed. The new Sand Making Machine mainly consists of the narrow V belt, the lower body part, the motor, the throwing head, the feed head, the upper cover, the crane, the counterattack block, the impact block, the impeller, the material cone, the spindle assembly and the motor frame. By improving the feeding mode, optimizing the crushing cavity type, adopting the new rotor design and installing the lifting device, the machine greatly reduces the material flow resistance, improves the material passing ability, reduces the wear rate of the damaged parts, improves the energy utilization rate, prolongs the maintenance period, and shortens the maintenance time. It has become an advanced and representative high-performance crushing and sand making equipment in China. Performance Advantage 1. The optimized disks and hydraulic devices have realized the perfect combination of the falling feed and the central feed, and the adjustment of the size of the central feed is more convenient, so that the material in the broken cavity is fully broken. 2. Excellent launch port and internal more smooth curve design, reduce material flow resistance, substantially improve material passing capacity, crushing efficiency is higher. 3. the weekly guard board adopts two blocks up and down, and it can be adjusted after wearing, prolonging the service life of the wear-resisting parts and reducing the operation cost. 4. optimize the frame structure, integrated design of motor frame and observation maintenance platform, compact structure, stable and reliable operation. 5. the motor block adopts hydraulic adjustment and advanced control elements to ensure the two sides of the spindle are uniformly stressed. 6. The lifting arm and lifting device of the upper cover are hydraulically controlled, and the replacement of the wearing parts is more convenient and quick. The design of leak-proof structure without oil seal and multi-pipeline thin oil lubrication are adopted to realize simultaneous lubrication of upper and lower bearings, and the service life of bearings is significantly improved. 7. Self-contained vibration detection alarm device, if the equipment does not work properly, can issue a warning, equipment quickly stop working, to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.


Maintenance process of portable crusher plant

The maintenance of the portable crusher plant is the concern of many users, because only the careful maintenance of it can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment, and then create more considerable economic value for the user. 1. daily maintenance (1) the portable crusher plant should be lubricated according to the technical standard, and when choosing the type of lubricating oil, the specified type of lubricating oil should be used, especially in the category and dosage. (2) to fasten the loose parts in time, effectively avoid more damage to the portable crusher, and to a certain extent, the damaged parts also affect the efficiency of the equipment, and more attention should be paid to the maintenance process. (3) if there is a large noise or vibration in the process of production, the noise is often the prelude to the failure, and the noise is often the prelude to the occurrence of the failure, so as to avoid greater damage and make a comprehensive examination of this kind of phenomenon. 2. Use and repair (1) minor repair: the purpose of minor repairs is to avoid a greater failure of the equipment, to make a slight adjustment to the local, and to make effective repairs without affecting its function, such as replacement parts, reset switches, and so on. (2) middle repair: This refers to the repair that affects the normal work of the portable crusher plant. In the process of stopping the equipment, the system should be viewed according to the equipment diagram, especially the core component, which mainly solves the problem of the disharmony of the parts and parts. At this time, the system should be decomposed to find out the wear and tear. (3) overhaul: it refers to the maintenance work of the equipment in a long time of shutdown. No matter the important parts or the core components, it can not be taken lightly. Only after such repair can we quickly restore the normal working state of the equipment and avoid greater losses. There are a lot of maintenance methods, the above is only a systematic introduction, in addition, if the manufacturer is strong, you can maintain the equipment, monthly maintenance and so on, in order to ensure the longer life of its life.


Mobile Crusher Performance Characteristics

The Mobile Crusher combines the actual situation of domestic sand production and develops high-efficiency gravel equipment with advanced domestic and foreign standards. The crushing of construction sand and road sand is superior to other types of crushers. The whole structure of the mobile crusher adopts streamlined design, the mechanics optimizes the structure reasonably and compactly, and the modular assembly structure has small turning radius and convenient transportation. At the same time, according to the different requirements of customers and various conditions at the job site, a comprehensive solution can be proposed, and various combinations of crushing, screening and transportation can be optimized to meet the different requirements of customers. Performance characteristics 1. Long service life The mobile crusher has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and material liner in the crushing chamber, which greatly reduces the wear parts cost and maintenance workload, and correspondingly prolongs the service life of the machine. 2. Complete model, less dust The device uses a clever internal airflow self-circulation to effectively eliminate dust dispersion. The mobile crusher is divided into three types: coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing according to the size of the feeding and discharging granularity in the crushing operation. 3. Good performance and advanced technology The mobile crusher technology is guaranteed, the performance is superior and stable, and it has reliable and stable quality assurance. It has established a good quality reputation for the new and old customers at home and abroad. It is not only mature in technology, easy to operate and maintain, but also in terms of transportation volume, material particle size and abrasion. Sexuality has good adaptability, safety and reliability, integrated unit configuration and installation, and convenient and reasonable maintenance. 4. Low comprehensive investment cost Mobile crushers save fuel and fuel savings of up to 25%, greatly reducing energy consumption. The wearing parts are made of high-strength and wear-resistant materials, with low loss and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.


Application range of sand production line

The production line of sand production is of high automation, low operating cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large production, less pollution and easy maintenance. Sand making machine is a very important equipment in the sand making production line. The produced mechanism sand meets the national standard of building sand, the grain size is uniform, the grain shape is good, and the gradation is reasonable. Sand production line is mainly used in sand making equipment and crusher series produced by the process flow of sand making equipment, and the process flow of sand production line: raw sand and stone enter the vibrating feeder, and the sand is transported to the jaw crusher by the hoist, and then the raw material is sent to the sand machine through the conveyor, then the sand machine is entered. After the vibration screen is screened, the sand washing machine is input and washed to the finished sand making machine-made sand. In addition, we can also provide gravel crushing equipment for sand production line, stone production line, sand production equipment, etc. Quartzite is mainly used for rough machining of quartz powder. Because of the high hardness of quartz ore, the impact crusher (sand making machine) is usually used in processing. The sand making machine can be used for crushing and shaping soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials, and is widely applied to various ores, cements and fire-resistant materials. Performance advantage 1. The degree of automation is high and the technology is advanced. 2. The operation cost is low and the rate of return is high. 3. crushing ratio is large, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance. 4. The manufactured machine-made sand accords with the national standard for building sand, with uniform grain size, good grain shape and reasonable gradation. Sand making equipment is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. According to different process requirements, various types of equipment are combined to meet customers' different technological requirements. The basic process of sand production line is introduced first. First, the stone material is preliminarily broken by the coarse crushing machine. Then, the coarse material produced is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the fine crushing machine for further crushing. The fine crushed stone is divided into two kinds of stones into the vibrating screen to meet the grain size sand mechanism sand of the sand making machine and the other part is returned to the material. Thin broken. Part of the sand machine is made into sand, washed by sand washing machine (optional) and made into finished sand. The second part of the machine is broken again.


Intelligent Raymond Mill Is More Popular With Enterprises

Now the micro powder industry has gone through several decades, from the more dependent and external Raymond mill equipment, now you can not go out of the door, to customize the grinding equipment that is in line with the special needs of its own processing line. Raymond mill industry has also moved from its previous extensive industry to the road of fine development. From the advantage of taking up cheap labor and sacrificing the environment at the beginning, the industry is now promoting environmental protection, and promoting independent intellectual property rights, constantly innovating and developing, and setting up a Raymond mill with intergrate technology. The equipment, which has made great contributions to the micro powder industry and the intelligent industry at home, we have reason to believe that the road of energy saving and intelligent equipment driven by Raymond mill will be more and more broad. With the development of industry and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people pay more attention to environmental problems. People pay more attention to the importance of environmental protection. Outside the industrial processing of the intelligent department, the enterprise wants to have a good enterprise image and an important factor that can maintain the sustainable development is the processing environment and the attention and protection, and the more intelligent equipment is the factor to be considered, among which the intelligent Raymond mill is micro The powder industry is one of the preferred equipment. The modern industry is getting closer to the idea of intelligent society. It is a great progress in our processing and life. It makes life better while making life more convenient. No matter in which industry, enterprises have begun to pay more attention to the beneficial aspects of intelligence and energy saving, which is also the place where all industries should pay attention to. I have always attached great importance to the establishment of an intelligent and saving society, especially in industry, which has always paid special attention to the pollution of the industry to the environment, in 20 From 05 to 2013, a batch of unqualified dry powder mortar processing enterprises had been banned. Because of their use of backward rayon mill equipment and management measures, this measure greatly reduced my environmental pollution problems. As we all know, the micro powder industry has been a high speed development industry, and the energy consumption is especially high. The pollution problem is especially easy to appear. In order to have a good way of sustainable development, it is necessary to take green intelligent energy saving development route. The appearance of the traditional intelligent Raymond mill provides a new choice for the micro powder industry. The energy saving intelligence of the enterprise has also prompted Raymond mill and other rayon mill to develop towards the direction of energy saving and intelligence. The micro powder industry has already become a cross industry and trans scientific big industry. The output value of the powder industry has already accounted for more than half of the total of the first industry value, and it occupies an important position in the people's economy, and the micro powder industry is from the micro powder industry. Because of its universality, frontier and practicality, it occupies a very important position in the whole people's life.


development prospect of the mobile sand making machine

Mobile sand making machine, a kind of movable sand making equipment, different from ordinary sand making machine, this sand making equipment can not only be used for fixed sand making operation, but also suitable for some sanding with large mobility. Environmental operations, such as sand fields, quarries, etc., so from the perspective of the scope of application, mobile sand making machines can meet the needs of users for diversified sand production. Based on this, the following is a brief overview of the knowledge about mobile sand making machines, as follows: What is a mobile sand making machine? The mobile sand making machine is not a simple sand and sand making equipment. In fact, it is a joint sand making machine composed of multiple sand and gravel equipment, and all the components are placed on a vehicle rack. It can be flexibly driven in the work area and is not subject to environmental restrictions. Therefore, the new-generation movable sand making machine is more suitable than the traditional fixed sand making machine. what are the advantages of mobile sand making machine? 1. The mobile sand making machine has strong mobility, can crush the materials on site, and can move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, which can reduce the transportation cost of materials and reduce the input of operating costs; 2. The mobile sand making machine under the integrated design can not only save the infrastructure construction link, reduce the consumption of materials and working hours, but also the reasonable and compact space layout of the unit can also indirectly improve the flexibility of the site stationing; 3. In addition to the organic type, the mobile sand making unit is flexible, and can be combined according to different types of raw materials, scale and finished products in actual production to meet different production needs. What is the development prospect of the mobile sand making machine? The development of large-scale, automated sand and sand making equipment is an inevitable trend in the development of the sand and gravel industry. The new generation of mobile sand making machines not only has a good sand making effect, but also has less labor costs for the whole machine to operate. The opening of the control requires personnel to look after, other people do not need extra manpower input, in addition, the machine can also directly open to the scene to carry out on-site sand making of materials, so the selection of a new generation of mobile sand making machine than traditional sand making equipment It is more time-saving and labor-saving. Therefore, in the future xafs, there will be a lot of demand for such sand-and-stone equipment with high degree of automation. It can be said that the development prospect of mobile sand-making machine will be great.


Raymond mill parts djustment and lubrication

Raymond mill equipment will have many problems in the actual operation, but Raymond Mill encounters more problems, which are simple problems for our mill equipment, then for a series of problems. The problem is handled by our engineers for a detailed explanation. Maintenance of the equipment is important for extending the service life. The maintenance includes not only the normal operation of the equipment itself during start-up, operation and shutdown, but also the replacement, adjustment and lubrication of partial parts. In order to better maintain the equipment, it is important to use and operate the mill equipment better and safely. Grinding equipment Raymond mill has more wearing parts and is also within the scope of daily maintenance. Therefore, the manufacturer has developed the operating specifications for Raymond mill related equipment for users' reference. In addition to the daily maintenance of the site, the motor is the motive part of the grinding system, which is essential for the start of the Raymond mill. The correct starting sequence is: hoist-crusher-classifier-fan-host Feeder; when shutting down, it also follows a certain sequence of sequence closure: feeder-host-blower-classifier. The grinding roller is a wearing part. After using it for a certain period of time, it should be cleaned, then add a proper amount of butter with a refueling tool; replace the damaged grinding roller in time to avoid more damage to the main body of the Raymond mill, and some may It belongs to long-term use, the parts are obviously loose, and some even have particularly harsh noise. At this time, the production should be stopped, and all parts of the mill should be inspected and adjusted to make it run normally. These are the maintenance knowledge of Raymond mill equipment, correctly mastering the maintenance knowledge of Raymond mill equipment, and correctly using these skills, in order to safely operate the mill, in order to extend the life of the mill equipment , the use period is longer, if you want to consult more about the mill equipment.


Unique Advantages of Portable Crusher Plant

The portable crusher plant can reduce the cost of production more effectively for the user. It is an economical and integrated choice, so it is more and more popular with users, and its performance advantage is also fully manifested in the actual production. The portable crusher plant design concept completely eliminates the obstacles of broken site, environment, complex base configuration and complex logistics, and provides customers with high efficient and low-cost hardware facilities for project operation. If you want to build a complete crushing production line, the portable crusher plant is a good choice, saving time, saving money and labor. 1. the flexible portable crusher plant can reach the mining site directly, and is not affected by site changes. It can start operations in a short time after the adjustment of workstations. 2. adaptability and strong adaptability to all kinds of environments. Integrated group operation requires no infrastructure construction and reduces investment cost. 3. functional complete portable crusher plant can be equipped with the corresponding equipment according to the actual production requirements of the user and set the production line which is integrated with the technology and equipment such as material, breakage, transmission and so on. 4. to reduce the transportation cost, it can be opened to the mining site, which avoids the intermediate link that breaks the material away from the work site and greatly reduces the transportation cost of the material.

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