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pay attention to the daily maintenance of the vibrating screen

Good use can make the life of equipment and screening efficiency increase exponentially. In the use of vibrating screen, the vibration motor should be regularly protected to ensure the longer life of the motor, and the problems that easily occur during the actual use of the screen are summarized and analyzed as follows. Users can be more convenient for comparison, for better maintenance of equipment. 1, The voltage is insufficient. The material of the screen is too much. Check the circuit, screen the material evenly, and have the allowance in sieving. 2, vibration motor problems, mainly in the installation. Because there is a heavier eccentric block at both ends of the vibration motor, such as vertical or inclined installation, the bearing will bear the polarization force, which has a bad effect on the bearing, and then shortens the service life of the motor. 3, protection cover and seal ring seal problem: the vibrating screen working environment is very bad, dust is big, when the protective cover of the vibration motor is not tight, it is easy to enter the dust. If the seal ring is not tight again, it will lead to the friction work of the pain block, and then burn the motor. 4, the problem of anchor bolts: the loosening of anchor bolts will also cause damage to vibration motors. Due to the shock force produced by the vibration motor at both ends of the vibration motor two thousand times per minute to impact the anchor bolt and the vibration of the vibration motor itself, the anchor bolt is very easy to loose. Once a bolt is loose, the other bolts will be loosened, even cracked, and then burn out the motor in a short time. 5, too much oil or grease injection is one of the main reasons for the damage of vibration motors. 6, the angle adjustment angle of eccentric block is too large, it will produce the vibration of maximum amplitude, it will run under the maximum amplitude for a long time, it will cause the bearing wear to speed up, and the bearing will shorten the life because of fatigue, so the adjustment of the eccentricity should be appropriate, if the vibration quantity is not enough, the vibration motor of the larger one can be replaced so that the operation can be extended. Cycle. 7, Temperature problem. The normal bearing of the bearing should not exceed 75 C. The new vibration motor has a running in process, maybe the temperature is slightly higher, but after a period of work, the temperature should be stabilized. If the stability continues to be too high, the level of oil, the level of oil and the cleanliness of the oil should be examined.


Parts of Raymond Mill Adjustment and Lubrication

Raymond mill has many problems in actual operation, but Raymond mill meets a lot of problems. The maintenance of Raymond mill is very important for prolonging the service life, in which the maintenance not only includes the operation of the equipment itself, the operation and the shutdown process, but also the replacement of the parts. Adjustment and lubrication. In order to better maintain the equipment, it is important to use the powder mill equipment better and safely. The Raymond grinding machine of grinding equipment is more easily damaged and is also within the daily maintenance range. Therefore, the manufacturer has set up the maintenance operation specification for Raymond Mill related equipment for the user's reference. In addition to the daily cleaning of the site, the motor is the motive part of the grinding system, which is very important to the engine starting of the Raymond mill. The correct order of starting operation is the hoist crusher - a classifier - a fan - fan and a host feeder; the machine is also followed by a certain sequence of closing and closing operation: the feeder - the host - blower - A grader. The grinding roller is a vulnerable part. After the use of more than a certain time, it should be cleaned, and then a proper amount of butter is added with the refueling tool. The damaged grinding roller should be replaced in time to avoid greater damage to the main engine of the Raymond mill. Some may be used for a long time, the parts are loosened obviously, and some even appear especially piercing. Noise should be stopped at this time, and all parts of the mill should be inspected and adjusted so as to achieve normal operation. These are the maintenance of Raymond mill equipment, the correct knowledge of the maintenance of Raymond mill equipment, the correct use of these skills, the correct use of these skills, can the safe operation of grinding machine, can be the grinding machine equipment to extend life, use a longer period.


Structure Description of Vibrating Screen

YK circular vibrating screen is circular trajectory motion, seat type installation, in the mineral processing, building materials, electricity and other industries as material classification equipment is widely used. Today, we make an analysis of the vibrating screen structure. The vibrating screen consists of the following parts: 1, exciter: each side board is installed a set of exciter. Each group is composed of two eccentric blocks, two sub eccentric blocks, a pair of single column centripetal short cylindrical bearings and two protective covers. The exciter is fixed on the side plate by bolt, and the two exciter is connected with the universal coupling. The angle of the eccentric block can be changed to change the amplitude of the vibration exciter. The exciter is installed on the side plate to save the heavy support beam, so that the force of the sieve box is more reasonable. 2, sifter box: it is the largest component of the screening machine, which consists of feeding grooves, discharge grooves, side plates, crossbeams, sieves, tensioner and so on. The side plate is made of the whole steel plate, the beam is seamless steel pipe, and the high strength bolt is used between the welding pieces and the side plates, and the work is reliable and the maintenance is simple. 3, support device: rubber spring as an elastic element, by changing the height of the bracket to change the angle of the sieve surface, the height of the support frame and the size of the hole bolt hole are determined by the user. 4, Tire couplings: it connects the vibrator with the fixed motor and drives the torque. Through the understanding of the structure of the YK circular vibrating screen, it can help us in daily operation of the circular vibrating screen to use and maintain operation becomes more simple.


structure and price of mobile crusher

Mobile crusher is a new type of mobile crushing equipment, widely used in railways, highways, buildings, water conservancy, metallurgy and other industries. Mobile Crusher is a self-propelled way to make all the components fixed on a whole frame, and the following tire or crawler is added to form a movable sand production line, which can be used in the operation of the materials such as freeway, railway and building waste treatment. It is a new production. Stable and efficient new environmental crusher. The integrated series of mobile breakage stations can be used independently. It can also provide more flexible process configuration for the material types and product requirements in the process, meet various requirements of the user's mobile breakage, mobile screening, and make the production of organization, logistics and transport more direct and effective, and the cost can be reduced to the maximum. A series of crushing and screening products such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, cone crusher, and various vibrating screens are famous for their excellent performance and high reliability. The main equipment of the mobile crusher is to use these products. These products are designed by optimization and intensities, with higher strength and better performance, The structure is more compact.


Development trend of sand washing machine in the Future

Inside the new year of 2017, all industries are expecting a extended variety improvement with a new look. As a result, how will so many sand washing machine producers think about the brand new plans of improving the merchandise and solutions in the sand washing machine inside the future? Here the author would prefer to take you to have a deep appear at the future development trend of sand washers. As our life good quality is enhanced, the new village and city improvement will become an inevitable trend. Additionally, the government has paid a lot more interest to strengthening the transportation building and improving the residential living facilities so that substantial quantity of sand are going to be needed. Our enterprise believes that sand washers can develop properly within the xafsplace based on not only the technology but also the item adaptability. As we all know, China is stepping into a brand new improvement transformation period which will comprehend the integrated improvement of a great deal of industries. As a compact branch belonging for the mechanical sector, the sand washing business will naturally operate commonly in accordance with all the unchanged principle. Things like raw supplies, steels xafs place, and high quality and price of functional elements of sand washing machines all have impact on the excellent of sand washers. The primary factor that influences the improvement of sand washing industry would be the social demand of river sand, sea sand and artificial sand. As the supplier of building raw materials, the quantity and top quality with the sand goods are both impacted by the improvement of construction sector. The construction sector not merely refers to urban creating construction but includes a wide range of a lot of fields.


Some use techniques for sand making machine

Sand making machine is a kind of mining machinery and equipment which is specially used for ore processing. There are many kinds of sand making machine, such as counter roller sand making machine, VSI sand making machine and impact sand making machine. Here are some small knowledge of the sand making machine. Sand making machine for ore processing large mechanical equipment, correct installation is very important, otherwise it will lead to the entire production line does not work, will also bring harm to the machine, sand making machine is mainly composed of a feed hopper, feeder, swirling crushing chamber, impeller, shaft, a transmission device, a support frame a sand making equipment. During the use of sand making machine, we should pay attention to regular maintenance, keep lubrication regularly, lubricate as dry oil lubrication, use Mobil car to lubricate fat super grade, add quantity to 1/2-2/3 of bearing cavity, and add some grease to sand making machine. The mechanical equipment for sand making machine in the whole sand production line must start at no load. After the operation of the sand making machine is normal, it can be supplied to the whole production line, and the matching equipment is reasonably configured according to different stones and crushing requirements. The difference between the sand making machines is also great. sand making machine:


the technical advantages of ultrafine mill

The ultrafine mill adopts the advanced structure of the same kind of foreign products, and it has been updated and improved on the basis of the large ultrafine mill. The grinding roller and grinding ring by ultrafine mill innovation design, compared with ordinary ultrafine mill, grinding roller mill and design of multilevel ladder ring, reduced the material in ladder shaped rollers and ring between the rate of decline, extend the material on the rolling time, improve the fineness of the finished product and production. The grinding roller and grinding ring by ultrafine mill innovation design, compared with ordinary ultrafine mill, grinding roller mill and design of multilevel ladder ring, reduced the material in ladder shaped rollers and ring between the rate of decline, extend the material on the rolling time, improve the fineness of the finished product and production. In terms of product fineness, compared with the ultrafine grinder, the 6R ultrafine grinding machine makes the clearance between the end of the separator blade and the shell adjust conveniently and quickly, which greatly improves the accuracy of the finished product. The grinding roller is tightly rolled on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, so the output and fineness of the finished product will not be affected when the wear roll and the wear ring wear to a certain thickness. The renewal cycle of the grinding roller and grinding ring is long, so that the replacement cycle of the fragile parts of the centrifugal mill is short. The machine is winnowing airflow mill shell - cyclone - fan internal circulating flow operation in fan -- so, than the high speed centrifugal mill less dust, clean and pollution free operation workshop. Technical advantages of ultrafine mill: 1. the three-dimensional structure, small area, complete set of strong, from the block to the finished powder is a independent production system. 2. The fineness of the finished powder is uniform and the screening rate is 99%, which is difficult for other fine powder machines to have. 3. The mainframe transmission device of fine powder grinding equipment adopts the closed gear box and the belt wheel, and the transmission is stable and the operation is reliable. 4. All the important parts are made of high quality steel, and the wear-resistant parts all adopt high performance wear-resistant material. The whole machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation. 5. the electric system adopts centralized control, the grinding mill can basically realize unmanned operation, and the maintenance is convenient. 6. The equipment is more efficient than ball mill, low power consumption, small area, and less investment in one time. Ultra Fine Mill:


cone crusher is an essential for gold ore

With the development of technology in China, there are more and more kinds of gold ore crusher processing machinery and equipment. Jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and mobile crushing station are all the key mechanical equipments for crushing and processing of gold. Cone crusher is one of the most popular gold ore crusher. Let's talk about the cone crusher as the main ore crushing and processing equipment, and how it crushes the ore. When the cone crusher works, the rotation of the motor is rotated through a fixed swing through the pulley or coupling, the transmission shaft and the cone part under the forced action of the eccentric sleeve. The broken wall sometimes run this way make the cone crusher near and sometimes from fixed on the surface of the sleeve on the adjustment of rolling shirakabe, crushing cavity ore in the unceasing impact, extrusion and bending and realize ore crushing.


Sand making machine as the core equipment of mine industry

Sand machine equipment used in the construction of gravel, sand flow, especially the broken pebble, and other hard materials, not only has high efficiency, low production cost, and the crushing product grain type, cubic in the west, aggregate quality. In addition, the sand making machine from 50t/h -- 500t/h can meet different sizes of aggregate production line. The device uses a variety of feeding modes and advanced stone dozen stone hot stone sand principle. The use of a machine, more extensive application. Sand making machine as the core equipment of mine industry, plays an important role in the field of infrastructure construction in china. With the increasing attention to the livelihood of the people project, the xafs for aggregate demand increasing also led to the widespread sales of sand production equipment. Sand making machine is the fundamental guarantee of sand and gravel aggregate livelihood projects. The construction and operation of engineering artificial aggregate system required aggregate is the modern sand making machine, advanced crushing machine, sanding machine, sand making equipment created. Aggregate for the quality of the engineering construction is essential, this is related to the quality of the project and the engineering effect, in addition to the production capacity of the equipment requirements and other conditions are very harsh, as long as the strict control, in order to cast qualified engineering. Aggregate material to cobble, granite, VSI sand making machine with its unique performance, high quality finished product size, was designated as the aggregate production is the most ideal sand making equipment. sand making machine:


matters needing attention to ultrafine mill operation

The ultrafine mill is mainly suitable for the some ore and nonmetallic materials. Its application is very extensive, and it can be widely applied to various industries that need grinding operations, such as paper making, cosmetics, medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on. Ultrafine Mill is made up of a number of production systems, such as grinding system, powder selection system, pulverizing system and dust removal system. The fineness of the finished product is very high, so it can be used for high quality cosmetic raw material grinding and drug grinding. Its environmental protection effect is very good, can meet the requirements of the home standard, the cost of investment is also low, so it is widely accepted by the users. Now, the ultra-fine grinding machine has become a widely used grinding equipment in many new industries, and it has also become the mainstream grinding equipment. For large equipment, the operation is a very important work, reasonable operation can not only reduce the failure to make the production smoothly, but also can reduce downtime, will also reduce the probability of the accident, so as to guarantee the use of less cost in production investment. Especially for pulverizing equipment, ultrafine grinder is a large fine operation equipment. In the production process, it is more necessary to strive for improvement in operation, and strive to operate properly and correctly, and avoid serious consequences due to a little mistake. In addition, the basic nursing work of the ultrafine mill should be done well to better ensure the efficiency of the ultrafine mill. So, we should do the following. 1. we should understand the relevant operating rules of ultra-fine grinding equipment, and the maintenance of it should be regularly implemented. For example, mechanical inspection, parts adjustment, and so on, according to the actual use of the situation to rationally arrange the strength of maintenance. 2. the installation of ultra-fine grinding equipment should be done well. According to the installation diagram of the supporting device, each component will be installed smoothly to fully cooperate with each part. 3. regular lubrication ultrafine grinding machine and replacement parts. Only the correct mechanical nursing, can prolong the mill fundamentally life, improve its efficiency.

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