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m sand machine price

Machine-made sand is a kind of raw material which is screened by crushing equipment, so the selection of crushing equipment should be very strict. Compared with the traditional sand machine, the efficient sand making machine can increase about 40% and run steadily, and the sand and gravel products are mostly cubic, needle-like materials and stone powder content are relatively small. It can be directly used in the current capital construction sand industry without redundant treatment. In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry, the xafs demand for building materials has increased dramatically, and the quality requirements have become increasingly high. Because of its good hardness and stable chemical properties, sandstone is called high-quality building materials. However, natural sandstone is gradually replaced by machine-made sand, which has become an important raw material in the current sandstone aggregate xafs due to the prohibition of mining and the repeated outbreak of environmental protection. From the raw material point of view, machine-made sand has a variety of mineral components to choose; in terms of quality, it has a high surface energy and hydrophilicity, and has a complete mix; the mechanized production mode ensures the quality stability and controllability of machine-made sand products. In addition, the production technology of machine-made sand has become mature, and has formed a systematic and large-scale, and the performance of machine-made sand can fully guarantee the production requirements of concrete and meet the safety standards. It has become the mainstream of social development. It not only solves the demand of building materials xafs, but also plays a certain role in the protection of natural environment.


Bauma CHINA 2018 Location and Dates

Bauma CHINA 2018 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 27-30 November 2018. BAUMA CHINA is the largest industry event in Asia. It gathers more than 3000 exhibitors at home and abroad. It covers construction machinery, mining raw materials extraction and processing equipment, building materials machinery, accessories and service providers, and exhibits innovative development of the industry. Building Material Machinery: Complete sets of equipment for building components with cement, lime and gypsum as base materials and production equipment for machinery, concrete, concrete products and prefabricated components, asphalt production machinery and equipment, dry mortar, mortar, building material superxafs products production equipment, limestone sandstone and power plant ash and slag waste materials for building materials production The production of supporting equipment, building materials processing and packaging (factory). Supporting parts and service providers: transmission engineering, fluid technology and generator set parts and wear resistant parts. Services: testing equipment, control system and software, communication and navigation, construction safety. Exhibition Name:Bauma CHINA 2018 Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) Date: Nov. 27-30, 2018 Exhibitor:More than 3000


Processing Capacity of High Pressure Raymond Mill

High-pressure Raymond mill is a kind of ore dressing Raymond mill, which belongs to ore dressing equipment. It is very common in ore dressing production line. The equipment of high pressure Raymond mill is the best-selling type in the overflow Raymond mill. The Raymond mill has simple structure, good grinding effect and long service life. Processing Capacity of High Pressure Raymond Mill We can see that the output of high-pressure Raymond mill is 2-5 (t/h) for users to choose, users can set the appropriate output according to the actual production demand. More processing capacity needs, we can also customize for the majority of users. High Pressure Raymond Mill Price The price of high pressure Raymond mill is related to the size of the model. The bigger the model is, the stronger the processing capacity is, the more expensive the price is. However, the price of high-pressure Raymond mill will also be affected by the strength of the manufacturers, the geographical distribution of the manufacturers, and the relationship between supply and demand in the xafs. For example, manufacturers have strong strength, advanced technology, high-pressure Raymond mill manufacturing costs can be effectively controlled lower, then the price will be preferential; and for example, when manufacturers in first-tier cities and second-tier cities manufacture Raymond mill, the cost of raw materials and manpower must be different, the quotation of second-tier cities is relative. The price of high-pressure Raymond grinder will be more expensive when the xafs demand is large. When the xafs is unsalable, the price of high-pressure Raymond grinder will be much cheaper. Raymond Mill Features 1. small models, less land occupation, high production capacity and low investment cost; 2. more durable, less trouble, intelligent operation, low running cost; 3. The finished product has stable quality, fine grinding fineness, better quality of finished flour and high economic value. 4. environmental protection and high efficiency, powder mill workshop less dust pollution, work energy saving and lower carbon.


What are the working advantages of the energy saving Raymond mill?

For energy-saving and efficient Raymond mill, it is more reasonable and scientific in the design of Raymond mill working principle , as well as in the selection and installation of external dust removal and noise reduction devices, so it can ensure the demand of "low noise, low pollution", and its advantages are far beyond these, but also in the following aspects. The energy-saving and efficient Raymond mill is more popular in the xafs. 1. More efficient. This energy-saving and efficient Raymond mill adopts advanced design concepts when it is designed. When it works, it can reduce energy consumption and rigid consumption. This can not only improve the efficiency of the equipment, but also reduce the loss in production. 2. More environmental protection. This energy-saving and efficient Raymond mill adopts a new type of sealing device and installs a dust removal device. In the production process, due to its perfect sealing device, less dust leakage. In addition, a small amount of dust is treated by the dust removal device, resulting in less pollution, which not only ensures the cleanliness of the production workshop, but also protects it. Physical and mental health of operators; 3. Energy consumption is reduced. The optimized and improved Raymond mill has faster start-up and lower energy consumption, which greatly reduces the operation cost of users, thus realizing the concept of energy-saving and consumption-reducing environment protection.


How to improve the efficiency of sand making machine?

With the drying up of natural sand, artificial sand has been widely used in construction, highway, railway, water conservancy and other industries to replace natural sand, so the demand of sand making machine xafs is very large. Under this background, special stone sand making equipment has been developed and manufactured. It can process most of the stones excavated from the mountain, such as limestone, marble and so on. Finally, the finished sand can be compared with natural sand in grain shape. Sand making machine is different from the typical impact sand-making machine. It uses hammer to impact stone to make sand. It is commonly known as hammer sand making machine or double-rotor sand making machine. Customers who choose this equipment on the production line of machine-made sand have a good reaction. The advantages of this type of equipment are mainly shown in three aspects. 1. the structure is simpler and more humanized. Mainly including the chassis, hammer head, two rotors and sieve plate, etc., the sand machine is equipped with an investigation door under the turning can be readily observed equipment processing stone condition, together with easy equipment maintenance. 2. the feed size is larger. General sand machine feed size is usually about 50 mm, and the stone sand machine can allow the size of 150 mm, or even 250 mm feed. This shows that the stone between 50mm-250mm can avoid crushing process and reduce equipment investment. 3. The hammer head of the first working part is made of high hardness and good wear resistance material, which has a long service life and reduces the economic and time cost of replacing parts and directly improves the yield of customers.


portable crusher has advantages in dealing with construction waste

With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the construction industry is also developing rapidly. The accompanying construction waste is increasing day by day. After sorting and crushing the construction waste, it can be used in pavement base, aggregate production, road construction and other fields. Portable crusher plant is a new kind of crushing and screening equipment specializing in the recycling and crushing of construction waste. It is divided into tire-type portable crusher plant and crawler-type portable crusher plant. It is suitable for crushing soft or medium-hard and very hard materials. There are the following crushing advantages: 1. equipped with high-performance crusher, convenient transportation. Construction waste is generally stacked more centralized, site is limited, and traffic is not very convenient, fixed installation of crushing equipment is difficult to achieve on-site crushing, and construction waste is difficult to transport. Therefore, the advantages of flexible combination and strong adaptability of portable crusher plant are obvious. The portable crusher plant we produce can combine jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, conical crusher and other crushing equipment with mobile devices to meet the user's crushing requirements for a variety of large building waste, while moving. The moving crusher is easy to enter and leave the crushing site, and has a small area. It can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs. 2. a variety of configurations, tailored for you. The portable crusher plant integrates the circular vibrating screen, the vibrating feeder, the conveyor, the first, second and third crushers. The portable crusher plant developed by us completely stands on the user's point of view, and solves the high transportation and installation costs of large equipment for customers, greatly shortening the crushing period. And according to the user's different requirements for the combination of targeted installation, the real "tailor-made" to enable users to see better crushing effect. 3. enough power to meet different needs. The mobile crushing station can continue to crush when the power supply is interrupted, no longer need to worry about the lack of power and delay the amount of crushing; save fuel, fuel saving rate as high as 25%, no need to worry about high fuel charges; convenient transportation, no damage to the road surface, equipped with multi-functional tools, A wide range of accommodation and poor traffic conditions are no longer a problem. 4. Flexible combination and strong adaptability. The portable crusher plant can be made up of "first crushing and then screening" according to different crushing process requirements, and can also be made up of "first screening and then crushing" process. Crushing and screening can also be used separately. Crushing station can be combined into coarse and fine crushing two-stage crushing and screening system according to actual demand, and can also be combined into coarse, medium and fine three-stage crushing and screening system. Construction waste can be treated according to its composition to choose different processes, according to the use of finished products to choose coarse, medium or fine crushing.


Raymond mill has a wide range of applications

Raymond mill is a special kind of mechanical equipment for grinding ore and other materials. Raymond mill can make powder to 80-325 mesh. The output is inversely proportional to the mesh number. Raymond mill can be used to grind limestone, dolomite, calcite and other minerals, has a very important role. Raymond mill is widely used in plastics, rubber, paper making, electronics, cables, paints, coatings, abrasives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ceramics and other industries, in the process of economic development in China, has a very important auxiliary role. Economic development is very rapid, especially in the industrial, metallurgical, chemical and other industries, and everyone has seen that Raymond mill and these industries are very closely developed, it can also be said that China's economic development and Raymond mill and other ore processing equipment is very close.


Mechanism Sand Production Line Configuration

Mechanism of sand production line in the configuration, according to different production requirements, can choose many different types of equipment, the light of the sand making machine has a lot of kinds, one is the series of sand making equipment, different types of equipment, at work, the role of is different. Firstly, the application of sand making machine in mechanical sand production line is introduced The fixed installation machine set of sand making machine as an example, to better implement sand gravel system operation, the mechanism of sand production line in addition to containing by the sand making machine equipment, will be selected by a few auxiliary sand production equipment, such as crusher, feeder, conveyor equipment, concrete composed of series equipment with sand and gravel sand making production line production process is as follows: Stone by vibrating feeder evenly to the jaw crusher of coarse, coarse broken broken again after the material into the cone crusher, crushing the material by belt conveyor after making sand into the sand making machine, from the application of the vibrating screen, sand making machine screening, conform to the requirements of the material to finished product, by spray dust fall into finished product sand pile, does not conform to the requirements of the return sand making machine to sand, then to vibrating screen for screening, this operation can guarantee mechanism of sand production line finished product uniform particles, dust produced in the process of vibrating screen points after classifier into pulse dust collector, in order to realize the green sand system operation. Secondly, the advantages of sand making machine in the mechanical sand production line are introduced 1. The finished sand particles have good shape, reasonable gradation of sand and stone, adjustable fineness modulus, and fully meet the national construction sand standard; 2. The important parts of this machine are all made of high-quality castings and profiles, which can greatly improve the abrasion resistance of the whole machine. In this way, the failure in the mechanical sand production line can be effectively reduced; 3. Change the air blast design of the old sand-making machine, adopt the unique air self-circulation system, reduce the air output while reducing the dust leakage during the sand-making machine operation, and realize the green sand-making operation. Artificial Sand Making Machine:


portable construction waste crusher plant

The distribution of construction waste is uneven. The traditional crushing equipment can only work within a fixed range. It is obviously unable to meet the requirements of construction waste crushing. Based on the work of traditional crushing equipment, the upgraded Portable Crusher Plant is the production line best choice. The combination of excellent maneuverability and crushing process, according to the changes in the production site, the instant transfer of the crushing production line, with the use, the work is more efficient, simple and energy-saving. Construction waste is a derivative product of the development of modern civilization. During the process of upgrading construction and infrastructure, a large amount of construction waste is left behind, which is mixed with resources such as steel and concrete. It does not need to pollute the environment and affect the city. Waste of resources, previously using the in-situ burial treatment plan, under the influence of the environmental protection concept, the current construction waste treatment method is more diversified, after processing and reprocessing can produce recycled bricks, etc. After the treatment plan, the next step is the equipment. The portable construction waste crusher is a very suitable working configuration. The portable construction waste crusher can be used at any time. In both the structure and the working mode, we have upgraded and improved the production line on one piece of equipment, and it also has strong maneuverability. Great test of the production technology of the manufacturer, how to achieve the ability of both strong mobility and stable production, we explain how the portable construction waste crusher can be used as it is, and work efficiently.


Solving method of severe vibration of sand making machine

Sand making machine is an important mechanical sand making equipment. The sand making machine is suitable for the crushing and shaping of soft or hard and hard materials, and is widely used in all kinds of ore, cement, refractory material, aluminum ground clinker, emery sand, glass material, mechanism sand, stone and various metallurgical slag, especially hard, hard and abrasion resistant materials such as emery, sintered bauxite and sand. It is more efficient than other types of crusher. In the process of production, the sand making machine has a certain body swing, but the amplitude is small, if the body swings are particularly violent, then there may be three reasons. (1) it may be that the worn parts on the impeller of the sand making machine are seriously worn out. If the abrasion of the impeller on the impeller is badly worn, the internal running of the machine will be unstable and the swinging is too large, so only the changing parts can be replaced at this time, so that the inner impeller of the sand machine can reach the balance state. (2) it may be that the equipment wobble over a large amount of material. When the machine is designed, the feed size of the equipment is generally 4 to 5 centimeters. Generally, the amount of finished sand can be reached when the grain size of the equipment is 3 to 4 centimeters. If the feed is over the assembly, the equipment wobble too much, and if the feed is too small, the collision is broken. It is not enough to reach the finished sand volume. (3) the sand machine is also likely to be a blockage in the impeller flow channel. If the impellers have obstructions, it will cause inhomogeneous feed, and the body swings too much. As long as the blocking objects on the impeller flow passage are removed, the problem of the body's swinging can be solved.

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